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 Security, Health

- Security. The overall place is very safe. However, especially in summer months, elementary precautions should be taken such as not living valuable in evidence in your car, at the beach... Like many tourists places, you will find the unavoidable pickpockets and pilferers. These are generally very young boys looking for cash. In most of the cases your handbag should be found back in a thicket after few days, with your checks and credit cards (it is generally worth to call the police station a week or two after). But of course, in the doubt, this does not keep you from having the payment of your credit card stopped.

- Health. Except sunburns, indigestion... and mosquitoes... you should not have any problem in the Area! Actually, climate is very mild and dry from autumn to spring, and in the beginning of the century, the whole Riviera was well known for drawing weak and hill people from all over Europe...

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