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Driving is on the right side of the road in France. Several types of roads:

- Motorways (Autoroute). They are usually designated on Maps or road signals by letter A followed by a number, example A6, A38. Speed limit is 130 km/hr, or 80 miles an hour. Motorways are private and have tolls in France. Depending on the motorway, you will either have to pay directly at every toll, or take a Ticket when you enter the highway and pay when you leave it. Prices vary upon the distance from few FF to several hundreds of FF (to go to Paris from Antibes for instance). Most of them take Credit Card ("CB or Carte Bleue" in French), watch for the special lane. For short distance however, it may be more useful to keep some change that you will throw into the terminal.

- Highways and open roads (Nationale, or Départementale). They are usually designed by letter N (Nationales) or D (Départementales). Speed limit is 90 km/hr, or 55 miles an hour. On some Nationales with 3 or 4 lanes, speed limit may be 110 km/hr, or 68 miles an hour.

- Towns. Speed limit is usually 50 km/hr.

Roads are very crowded between Mid July and Mid August.

Seat belt is obligatory, even in town, and even for the back seats.

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