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- The Lighthouse and Nôtre Dame des Amoureux.
i Route du phare. Nôtre Dame des Amoureux: 04 93 61 57 63.
The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse

At the top of Le Cap d'Antibes, you will find a charming little place, lost amid maritime pines, sheltering an old chapel, Nôtre Dame des Amoureux, and the lighthouse.

This place has been a spiritual place since the Vth century, when the Sainte-Hélène worship started. Nôtre Dame des Amoureux, has some very nice statues, paintings, and an outstanding collection of ex-voto.

The Lighthouse is one of the most powerful of the Riviera.

There, you can enjoy a panoramic view on the cape and the Mediterranean sea, going from the Lérins islands, the bay of Cannes, Juan les Pins, the old Antibes and the ramparts, and Garoupe bay.
The Lighthouse is open to public and it is possible to climb on its top to enjoy a great view of the Cap.
Panoramic view from the Lighthouse
Panoramic view from Top of the lighthouse.

- The Beaches.
i Cap d'Antibes: Baie de la Garoupe, Chemin de la Garoupe (private beaches, one tiny public beach), Juan les Pins: Bd du Maréachal Juin (public beaches), Bd Guillaumont (private beaches), Antibes: La Salis, Bd James Wyllie (public beach), Place de la Gravette, quai Rambaud (public beach).

One of the main occupations while staying at Le Cap d'Antibes: resting at the beach of course! There are many sandy beaches at Le Cap d'Antibes as well as in Juan les Pins or Antibes. Most of them are private (see above). You usually rent a mattress for 50 FF to 75 FF a day. Most of the private beaches have restaurants, sometimes on the beach itself (especially in Juan les Pins) usually good, proposing provençale cuisine, fresh fishes or seafood.

The main public beach is La Salis, on the edge of Le Cap d'Antibes. Public beaches are usually very crowded in the summer time.

View from a private beach at La Garoupe
View from a private beach at La Garoupe.

- Le Chemin des Contrebandiers (the smugglers path).
i Start at the end of the Chemin de la Garoupe, after the beaches, take Chemin de Tirepoil.
Chemin de Tirepoil
Le Chemin de Tirepoil, at the end of the Garoupe Bay

One of the best walks to do while visiting Le Cap d'Antibes. Starting on the end of the Baie de la Garoupe, this walk is a charming and wild little path going around the Cape. Between the sky and the sea, you will see on your right magnificent gardens and luxurious dwellings, on your left the great blue Mediterranean sea with nice creeks and beautiful rocks on which waves break.

Le chemin des contrebandiers
Smugglers Path, Le Chemin des Contrebandiers.
The walk is about 1.30 hour, not very easy, sometimes you have to walk on sharp rocks. It is hot in summer, so good physical condition and good shoes are strongly advised !
Le Chemin des Contrebandiers
Le Chemin des Contrebandiers
The beauty and wildness of the Smugglers Path, Le chemin des contrebandiers.

- The streets of the Cap.
i Boulevard Gardiole Bacon, Avenue de l'Antiquité, Boulevard Nôtre Dame, Avenue des Pins du Cap.

You may enjoy walking in the magnificent streets of Le Cap d'Antibes, looking at great dwellings hidden by maritime pines or other exotic plants, and hiding themselves the deep blue Méditerranée.

Les rues du Cap d'Antibes
The streets of Le Cap d'Antibes

- Jardin Thuret

i Bd du Cap, Le Cap d'Antibes, 04 93 67 88 00
Open from Monday to Friday.

If you would like to see some exotic plants in a marvelous garden, that is the place you need to go !

Les Jardins Thuret were founded in 1865 when the famous botanist Thuret bought a land and started to plant and study exotic species from all over the world. Today, it is a famous agronomic Center.

- The Garoupe bay.

View from the Baie de la Garoupe
View from the Baie de la Garoupe on the lighthouse.

Well known from the beginning of the Cap d'Antibes, La Baie de la Garoupe, offers charming little beaches, most of them private, where you can rent a mattress to spend the day. By clear day you can see the Bay of Nice and the mountains in the background.

- Villa Eilenroc.

i Av. Mrs Beaumont, Le Cap d'Antibes, 04 93 67 74 33
Open only on Wednesday, except in July and August. From 9am to 5pm. Free Entrance.

One of the most beautiful dwelling of Le Cap d'Antibes, bought by the city and available for visits

- Naval and Napoleonic Museum

i Avenue Kennedy, Le Cap d'Antibes, 04 93 61 45 32, every day 9:30am-12am and 2:15pm-6pm except Saturday afternoon, Sunday, and October.

In a wonderful park, the Naval and Napoleonic Museum hosts a various collection of model ships, paintings, and marine objects as well as personal mementos of Napoléon and his family.

- Antibes view.

i Going along the coast on the east side of the Cape, on Boulevard de Bacon, towards Antibes (North).

You will have a very nice view on The Old Antibes and the ramparts, where the deep blue of Mediterranean Sea offers a striking contrast with the snow of Southern Alps in the background. Admiring that view, Guy de Maupassant, a famous French Poet and great connoisseur of the Mediterranean, found that is was the most beautiful landscape he ever saw. On the right side of the road, you will find tiny public creeks where, under the shade of the maritime pines you can stop and sit, rest, swim...


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