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Antibes et les remparts
Antibes and the ramparts, seen from the lighthouse of the Cap.

Next to Le Cap d'Antibes, the old city of Antibes offers many points of interest: The Château Grimaldi et Musée Picasso, the Marché Provençal, old streets of Antibes, the harbor, the Fort Carré... see below for each of these.

- The Old Antibes and the ramparts.

You will enjoy walking on the animated streets of Antibes. A nice ride to do is to take the "Le petit train" (the little train), place des martyrs de la résistance, going though the Pedestrian streets, the Provençal Market, the Old Antibes, the Port Vauban, The Ramparts, Juan les Pins Beaches, Juan les Pins Pinewood, and Illette.

Les rues animées du vieil Antibes The animated streets in the old Antibes

La Tour Sarrazine The Tour Sarrazine, Old Antibes

- The Château Grimaldi and Musée Picasso.

i - Place Mariejol, Antibes, 04 92 90 54 20,
- From June 1st to September 30th: open every day from 10 am to 6 pm except Mondays and Holidays,
- From October 1st to May 31st: open everyday from 10 am to 12 am and 2 pm to 6 pm except Monday and Holidays.

More details on The Musée Picasso

The Château Grimaldi was build on the former Greek Acropolis in the 16th century. It was bought in 1925 by Antibes municipality, restored, and became a Museum. Picasso was invited and stayed there 6 months in 1946, working like a lot. When he left, he gave all the work he did there to the museum, which was further renamed the Picasso Museum. Museum collection then continued to enriched with further works of Picasso, and paintings or sculptures of other artists such as Léger, Atlan, Germaine Richier, Ernst, Picabia, Miro, Modigliani, Hartung, and Nicolas de Staël. Both Hartung and Staël lived in Antibes.

- The Marché Provençal

i Cours Masséna, Antibes, every day from 6am to 1pm.

This is a French Provence Market where you will find all typical products from Provence, South of France, and even Corsica ! such as condiments, dozens of different sorts of olives, flowers, fishes, delicatessen... in a very typical atmosphere. This market has been held in Antibes for centuries and centuries.

- The Cathedral.

i Rue de la Paroisse, behind The Musée Picasso.

The Cathedral was build in the 12th Century on the site of the Roman temple of the Goddess hunting Diane. It has a 12th century roman choir and an 18th century baroque nave. You will admire a magnificent portrait of Jacques Dole (1710) and another one of Brea (1515).

More details on the Cathédral (French Site)

- Musée de la Tour (Tour Gilli).

i Cours Masséna, Antibes, 04 93 34 50 91, open Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoon.

The Tour Gilli is a remaining of the medieval enclosure of the city. The Gilli family, a family of fishermen, lived there for more than a century and a half. It was then bought by Antibes municipality in 1980. It holds a museum of the popular arts and crafts of the 18th and 19th centuries.

- Le Fort Carré.

i Route du Bord de Mer (R.N. 98), Antibes.

The "Fort Carré" (square fort) was build in the 16th century and then perfected by the famous architect Vauban. Its design was so good that it has never been taken...One of the nicest old castle of the region.

- History and Archeology Museum (Bastion Saint-André).

i Bastion St André (On the ramparts), Antibes, 04 92 90 54 35. Open every day from 10am-12am and 2pm-6pm except Monday, Holidays and November.

This museum was originally a fort built by Vauban. It holds antiquities as old as from the 13th century b.c., from the Antibes site and from ships which wrecked offshore. All the Antipolis History can be seen here.

- Peynet Museum

i Place Nationale, Antibes. 04 92 90 54 30. Open every day from 10am-12am and 2pm-6pm except Monday and holiday.

This museum holds drawing of the famous drawer, Peynet. He lived in Antibes from 1950.

- Juan les Pins

i Jardins de la Pinède, Square Gould, Avenue Guy de Maupassant, Bd Charles Guillaumont.

La côte de Juan les Pins, sur la partie ouest du Cap d'Antibes
Juan les Pins Coast, on the west coast of Le Cap d'Antibes

You will enjoy walking in the animated streets of Juan les Pins, especially in Summer, where most of the people like to go out late in the evening. Private beaches are available all along the Boulevard Guillaumont, with many restaurants on the beach itself, for lunch or dinner.
The coast towards the Cap d'Antibes (Bd Baudoin, Bd du Maréchal Juin, Bd J-F. Kennedy) is worth seeing.

- Submarine Seeing

i Le Visiobulle. Starting from Ponton Courbet, Bd Guillaumont, 06160 Antibes Juan les Pins. Open from Easter to September, every day, Phone: 04 93 67 02 11, 04 93 34 09 96.
Le Visiobulle Web Site.

Underwater view through Glass-Bottom hull. Admire marine flora and fauna of the sea around Le Cap d'Antibes. From the deck, enjoy the beautiful coast and places inaccessible by land.

- Marineland

i R.N. 7, Antibes. Open every day, all year.

This is the largest marine zoological park in Europe, with more than 1 million visitors every years, admiring dolphins, sea lions, sea elephants, penguins, killer whales, pelicans, seals, sharks and other exotic fishes.


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