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Antibes and Juan les Pins welcome numerous festival all along the year (See below). The most famous one is the Jazz Festival of Juan les pins. It started during the twenties, when American people brought there a certain way of life made of fun, enjoying sandy beaches, and... Jazz. It was an immediate success. All Europe youth in search of fun and best know American stars such as Frank Jay Gould, Scott and Jelda Fitzgerald, or Douglas Fairbanks used to go to Juan. That was the beginning of "les années folles" (the crazy years). After world war II, the exuberance atmosphere of Juan started again, making it being the European New Orleans. Sidney Bechet was impressed by the beauty of the place and married there in 1951, during a crazy day, made of orchestras in the streets, famous stars and journalists from all over the world, dancers. Sidney Bechet even played for the fist time "In the streets of Antibes", one of his greatest hits. In 1960, the Jazz Festival of Juan les Pins was launched. All the big ones came: Armstrong, Count Basie, Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Sarah Vaughan, Ray Charles....Hancock, Georges Benson, Keith Jarrett, Al Jarreau. Nowadays, the Jazz festival is held every July.

This is a list of the main festival in the region:

- Sacred Arts Festival, January/February.

- New Orleans les Pins Jazz Festival - Mardi Parade, March.

- Colombe d'Or (March).

- Arts and Crafts show (April).

- Antique show (April).

- International Bridge Festival (May).

- Young soloists' Festival (May/June).

- Les voiles d'Antibes (June).

- Antibes Cup (July).

- Operatic Festival (July).

- Jazz Festival (from July 16th to July 25th).

- Nights in Antibes Juan les Pins (August).

- Musical Fireworks Festival (August).

- Rally Race of Antibes (October).

- Flower and Bird show (October).

- Festival of underwater images (October).

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