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SEO is the abbreviation of search engine optimization. This is a process by which any website can get traffic on their site by being visible on different search engines. And when the sites get this traffic, their website can earn them some money. A few years ago, you probably didn’t know or heard of a thing but this has been around a decade, hardly, and this has become the next and ultimate thing in the field of web development and making money as well. There are many people who have a normal website that just explains how different technology works, and that site might be earning more than 10,000 AED a month. 

SEO has different processes like; if you have a website that deals in kid’s clothes, then you would need to hire a SEO expert, who will make sure to bring parents to your site and make sure that your site is visible to most people. He/she will have to think to words that people use for searching the internet and such words are called keywords. These are given by different search engines to people as a hint that what are people are typing on the search bar nationally and internationally. Because if your website is visited by international people, you can a lot then you can imagine. But since this is a new thing and people don’t know much about it.

You might meet some SEO experts who will claim that in cheap SEO and lesser process your site will get famous and it will make money. But the fact is that SEO is a very practice, any SEO expert can charge you a fortune because you will be making more than you pay the expert. It is also a famous thing that if you pay good, you will get the good thing. This is a saying that fits into the field of SEO. If you pay less, the said to be expert will just advertise your website via social media platforms and for the time being you will see a huge difference but with the passage of time, or maybe very sooner, the effect will be gone and by the time you will realize, the said to be expert will be off with the money. But you can find good SEO consultants in Abu Dhabi.