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AI's Move to Business

Artificial Intelligence continues to improve throughout the years, gathering praise from all around the world. An AI can post on Twitter, produce life-like robots and smart homes. Several intelligent software have been introduced. There are a lot of opportunities for AI in Dubai, in the traditional business model and where AI can make its mark.

In an office of a business setup, AI is much more efficient and consistent than a human can be- never asking for a sick leave, neither will it  lose interest in its task, and best thing is, it won’t go against what you say. According to studies, the next five years will lead to many corporations turning to solely computerized work forces so as to reach maximum efficiency. Perhaps, AI will become the entirety of our workforce, increasing efficiency and revenue, the reason behind every business. This would help businesses to expand and provide more in-depth services to their clients at a lower cost, benefiting the consumer/seller relationship.

Although this new generation of AI seems to boost business and the economy, but one cannot go without considering the cons too. The most prominent impact of AI in the coming years will be the global change to computer science jobs and majors. Educational institutes will pour more money into these programs attracting more future workers. This would however, take away funding from other majors.

People who are working in today’s AI controlled jobs will be forced to find other forms of occupation causing unemployment in many countries to reach higher levels than ever. And finally, this evolution of AI comes in the form of class division. As AI is becoming more integrated into business, employees will be forced to take lower paying jobs within other corporations and the only human employees necessary will be those in power positions who already make top tier salaries. The middle class will begin to shrink, leaving a gap within society as a whole. So, AI is going to be revolutionary for business, but not as much positive as one might think.

The coming five years, will not be without the aid of AI for any business. These businesses will run at their peak without worrying for worker morale or health. However, everything comes with a cost. Replacing humans with robotics in UAE or elsewhere will cause unemployment, rapid shifts in workforce presence, and decrease in the middle class.