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How to Setup a Business in Dubai – Read This Carefully

How to Setup a Business in Dubai - Read This Carefully

If you’re looking for ways to set up a business in Dubai, you’re in for a treat. A dynamic and progressive city, Dubai is constantly on the move – immersing itself in new trends and offering enticing options to suit all kinds of people. And if you’re one of those looking for ways on how to set up a business in Dubai, this article will be your complete guide to everything you need to know about this fascinating emirate. From tax benefits to a low cost of living, see how Dubai keeps pace with the global market by reviewing some of these features. Whether you are planning to open an office or an investment fund in Dubai, see how easy it is to get things going on this windy island paradise.

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Get an International Business Number (IBN):

An IBN is a 12 digit number that allows you to transact legally with companies all over the world regardless of their currency. You may wonder why you need an IBN when you have an account in your own country. Well, an IBN acts like a credit card or debit card when it comes to making payments and receiving payments.

Get a business license:

To start your business legally in Dubai, you need to get a business license which is otherwise known as an F visa. An F visa is a type of business permit that allows the holder to export and import goods into the UAE. However, an F visa can be difficult to obtain. It is advised that you contact the Dubai Trade Immigration Office directly so that you can apply for a business license in the system.

Get a registration letter:

Once you have an IBN and a business license, you are eligible to open your own company. To get the registration letter, you have two options you can visit the Dubai Attorney General’s Office or apply online. There are many companies offering assistance on how to set up a business in Dubai.

Register a company:

Once you have everything set up and licensed, you are now ready to register a company. The company formation process is simple. You must visit the Dubai Trade Immigration Office to register your company or to request an application for registration. However, to speed up the process, you must use a company registration service that will prepare and submit everything for you, including the registration application and the documents to the Dubai authorities.