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Question to ask before choosing an infertility doctor

Over time infertility problems are increasing in men and women, which is an alarming situation. That is why infertility doctors are in great demand in the market today. But how to find a reliable doctor for the best infertility treatment in Dubai is a daunting task, as there is involve sensitive treatment and infertility testing. You have to find a person that understands your sexual habits before recommending you particular tests or medication.

You may find a reliable infertility doctor by following some steps, such as:

  • Online searching and reviewing the customers’ views.
  • Recommendations from family, friends, and even neighbors.
  • Checking out their credentials ( license, training certificates)
  • Interviews with some doctors in person.
  • Speak to old or current customers, and ask them about their experience.

These are the important things that may help you find the right person.

When to choose fertility doctors:

Once you have shortlisted some doctors, prepare yourself to ask the important question. Here are the questions that everyone should consider while choosing infertility specialists.

Do they have time to answer your question?

Before choosing a doctor, ask them to answer your question through email or phone. In case if they ask you to meet them in a clinic in person and do not give you an answer, that means they do not have time for you. Avoiding answer the question is not the quality of a good doctor.

From where and when they get training?

It is important to know about the experience and training of infertility doctors. Ask them about their experience, certification, and when they get training, how many infertility patients they have been seeing?

Do you have a urologist, reproductive surgeons, or andrologist staff?

If you are looking doctor for male infertility, then make sure that the clinic has professional urologists or andrologists. If you are having structural or endocrinologist problems, then a reproductive or urologist surgeon may deal with you effectively.

For which hospital you are providing services?

It is important to know about the hospital where infertility doctors are providing services. Make sure that the hospital accepts insurance cover, even if you do not have a fertility insurance cover.

What services do they provide to patients?

Infertility doctors provide different services, including stretch mark removal in Dubai. Before choosing a doctor, ask them about the services they offer to patients.