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People who are on a diet more often prefer vegan cake instead of normal cakes. But vegan does not mean that it is healthier because the cake is heavily processed. Vegan cake does not have animal products like eggs but it does not mean that it is healthy or have low calories. The normal cake is also high in calories and sugar and you can easily order cake online in Dubai.

Not adding eggs in vegan cake does make it low in saturated fats but still the sugar content is high. The normal cake and the vegan cake both taste delicious but, the vegan cake is not healthier. If you want to intake low calorie cake then you should substitute your granulated sugar with this white sugar that is more refined. You can also use maple syrup but make sure other liquid substances added in the cake are balanced.

Vegan cake is denser as compared to that of normal cake. Because in normal cakes egg give a soft texture with fluffiness. But there are some tricks by which you can make your vegan cake lighter too. Preheat your oven so that you know cake is placed in a balanced temperature. Don’t put out your mixture for a long time because loose air will make the cake go flat. So prepare your tin and line it in advance. Also make sure that you don’t have a lot of flour in it because it makes the cake denser. Also, electric whisking the cream margarine and sugar will help in capturing air bubbles that will make your cake lighter.

With all these steps and careful preparation, if the cake is well cooked than it tastes really incredible and it is very hard to identify between a normal cake and a vegan cake.

If you want to make your cake healthier then firstly you need to make a vegan cake with refined sugar and unprocessed ingredients. If you are making a cake yourself then you are at a advantage of knowing what are you putting in and how can you maintain the Calories and sugar in it.

There are many shops available that deliver vegan cakes. Another new edition in vegan category is vegan ice cream drip cake. For the preparation of cake, Dairy free sponge and Dairy free chocolate drip is used. Also, to make it more aesthetic and attractive chocolate chips, doughnuts, cupcakes, cones and sprinklers are used.