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Should a female feel vaginal dryness it is imperative to visit a gynecologist at the earliest. By delaying this particular issue, a female would end up with further complications and by then it would be too late.

Seen as a taboo: There is a reason for females delaying this issue, it is hard to bring it up in a Muslim dominated state like the United Arab Emirates. The gynecologist should make sure their female patient feels comfortable in discussing their vaginal issues. It is imperative that the gynecologist do an amazing job in relating to the patient otherwise they would not be able to understand the matter in details. There is a reason gynecologist asks patients regarding their medical history since such vaginal complications occur mainly amongst females who have been through menopause or had both of their ovaries removed to prevent cancer. It can be caused post pregnancies or by having side effects from using heavy medications.

Symptoms: A female should visit the gynecologist when she experiences burning, soreness or pain inside her  vagina, when the vagina is constantly itching, experiencing pain during sexual activities, recurrence urinary tract infections and lastly the patient constantly feels the urge to urinate frequently.

Treatments: Opting for heavy medications should be seen as a backup for a female. It is recommended that the female use quality lubricants designed to reduce friction from the vagina being dry once stimulated. Females should be aware of counterfeit lubricants sold in the black market. Use of vaginal moisturizers allow vaginal tissues to retain moisture effectively. If none of these natural treatments works then the patient would be prescribed with vaginal estrogen. A good gynecologist doctor would warn patients and inform them to take low amounts of estrogens in order to avoid possible side effects.

Importance of visiting a licensed gynecologist: Hospital should ensure they hire a well reputable gynecologist who has years of experience in their field. Hiring a gynecologist using improper techniques whether it be in performing a pelvic exam or a smear test could lead to the patient ending up with a damaged vagina. Not only the gynecologist come under pressure but the entire hospital can come under a lot of flak upon being sued and forcibly shutdown the premises.  For more details on keeping vaginas clean and hygienic look at this web-site.