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Erectile dysfunction refers to the condition where men find it hard to keep firm erection during sex or other sexual activities on a number of occasions. Even though this is common, but it will only be diagnosed as ED when it keeps happening consecutively. Erectile dysfunction Dubai nothing which can’t be treated with help of best urology in Dubai but there are certain things or conditions which can trigger or worsen the condition.

There isn’t just one but many different causes affecting the condition. Here are the ones you must know about:

  • Physical condition

There are a hundred different problems that can be triggering this condition but it is always a good idea to consult a professional and get it medically diagnosed. Heart disease, diabetes, obesity, smoking and injury in the pelvic area are the physical conditions to name a few. Not only this but there is some prescription medications which can also trigger this condition, some of these drugs could include blood pressure medication, anxiety treatments, and antidepressant and cancer drugs.

  • Psychological causes

Most of the cases of ED are due to some physical conditions but because it is rare it does not mean that there cannot be affect of a psychological problem in their sexual life. If there is no physical explanation to the cause then it can be concluded that it is a psychological problem which the person have been subconsciously dealing with. In order to determine the problem seek professional help. It could either be due to guilt, fear of intimacy or depression and anxiety that can be triggering it.

One thing which you must keep in mind is that it is possible to have both of these problems at the same time. If for instance you have been suffering from obesity, it can definitely be a cause of erectile dysfunction but due to this physical factor you may also have low self esteem which can add together to cause it as a more serious problem. As important as it is to treat the physical condition, it is equally important to pay attention to the underlying psychological problem which can also be affecting the routinely tasks. Before making any assumptions on your own make sure that you receive professional advice in such case so that you are well aware.