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Online shopping is evolving day by day. The perks and features of online shopping have made people addicted to purchasing with few clicks. In fact, it’s a great way to safe your time. But is it safe when the only thing you care about is placing orders? No. Every important and careful step that you skip while purchasing products online can result in a major loss, so why not stay conscious already? Online shopping is a serious responsibility for you that can’t be ignored at any cost. Here are some tips that will help you in purchasing products while being in a safe lane.

Make sure, where ever you’re sitting and using your computer, is a safe place. When you place orders online, you share your personal information such as your email, your credit or debit card number, your account information, your address as well as your phone number. Such information can easily be spied by an unidentified person who might turn out as a hacker in future and steal your important data. Once you have placed your order, log out of your account immediately. Sometimes, e-commerce websites are programmed with tracking cookies. These cookies automatically track your information; therefore once you have performed your operation, go to the settings of your browser and delete the tracking cookies.

Do what you need not what you want. There are a lot of virtual coupons as well as lotteries on the internet attached with the e-commerce websites. These lucky prices are hidden viruses. Once you click on the price offer, you get redirected to a page where it tells you to download a particular program. When you download and installs that unauthentic software, it spreads viruses in your computer which break down everything inside your computer due to which, the only solution that remains is resetting of your PC; therefore always keep an antivirus installed in your system. In case you accidentally click something wrong, your antivirus will protect your windows from the harm that is provided by viruses.

Always seek for receipt of the product that you have purchased. These receipts contain the data about your purchasing activity including date and time, price of the product, your id number, deducted amount in the form of tax, name of the product as well as name of the online shop that you bought the product from.